The Wolf’s Present

Children's Book

“The story leaves its reader warm, hopeful and able to look forward to the future”.

The Wolf`s Present is a beautiful story about a child’s sickness and recovery. It is told through the eyes of a little bear who must see a doctor, who’s a wolf. How can the wolf convince the little bear to endure treatment that will hurt him at first but that will cure him when it ends?

The Wolf’s Present is an engaging journey through the events that alter the daily life of many families. Harsh medication, long stays in hospital and separation from parents and loved ones change the life of the child and the entire family. Both trust and patience are needed to save a young life.

The Wolf’s Present is uniquely designed to be a tool for families and medical professionals, nurses, doctors, psychologists, etc. to help children understand the difficult feelings associated with being ill and the steps needed for recovery. Developed with a licensed art therapist, the illustrations are both healing and pedagogical. The gentle and beautiful illustrations feel therapeutic for adults too!

The book will serve as a lifeline for young cancer patients and children battling a long-term sickness.

The book has been warmly welcomed by professionals working in children’s wards in several Finnish hospitals. This kind of book has been needed.

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